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Our club is guided by Soke Thomas Burdine
Soke Burdine has trained and demonstrated nationally and internationally, and has worked with many esteemed Martial Arts Masters, such as Kenji Tomiki, Isao Takahashi, Ed Parker, Aaron Banks, and Prof. Frank DeFelice. Soke Burdine also holds high black belt ranks in Judo, Ju Jitsu, Karate, and Tai Jutsu, as well as in other various Japanese, Chinese, and Okinawan disciplines.
In 1983, Soke Burdine retired from a twenty-one year career with the Lafayette City Police Department. During this time he gained expertise in riot control, was a juvenile detective for one year and received periphery law enforcement training in the United States of America and in England. Prior to his Law Enforcement employment, Soke Burdine served four years in the United States Navy.

Instructors under Soke Burdine
Shihan Rodney Ball - Lafayette, IN
Shihan Mike Brady - Indianapolis, IN
Shihan Brian Brown - Lafayette, IN
Shihan Jack Comer - Edwardsburg, MI
Kyoshi Patrick Donahue - Brattleboro, VT
Soke Mike Pabst - Columbus, OH
Shihan Chris Schuizi - Lafayette, IN
Soke Steve Wargo - Delphi, IN
Sensei Pete Wargo - Delphi, IN
Sensei Josh Sloan - Lafayette, IN